Thursday, December 31, 2015

Two Thousand and Fifteen

I've done it for three years now 2012, 2013 and 2014, so it's that time of year again...

Here are the highlights of 2015! Honestly, looking back at this year, it seems that there aren't as many individual events that were significant. I can say that 2015 was a year of great growth though personally, both through experiences and my classes at Gull Lake. Those kinds of memories can't quite be captured in a couple of photographs, but I will forever be changed because of this year.

I returned to Chicago from Czech and Croatia, and made a huge shift in my photography business. Clairelyseen Photography gained a new friend - the "Clamera", as I like to call it. This camera has opened up so many possibilities for moving forward in abilities and opportunities. Here is a photo from the first shoot I used the Clamera for.

I took one of the most influential and difficult classes I've had before: Human Development. Spring semester was challenging, and Human Development was just the first of many classes to come with Mrs. Smith (head of the Children's Ministry department).

I spent part of Spring break with Grandma and Bapa...which included a trip downtown Eugene for donuts and gluten-free cupcakes, of course.

In the second part of break...I photographed my first wedding on my own! Jeremy and Svatia's wedding in Pennsylvania was a delight!

The Fantastic 4 went to Wisconsin for Easter. I don't remember ever being in WI before, and I also got to go maple sapping for the first time. Here's Hannah gathering sap.

I spent an unexpectedly wonderful week in Chicago with two of my buddies. I learned that adult life can be really sweet with friends.

I was back at Gull Lake Ministries again for my second summer (and I got to be called Czecholate Chip again!)

I went home again for the summer. I learned that it's right to simply be (sit at the feet of Jesus), instead of doing all the time.

I moved into an apartment with two roommates. What a huge difference it has made to have that space to call home and to be able to cook my own meals again. It took a while to get furniture, so we ate off of storage tubs when my first guest came for dinner.

A roommate of mine got married and I had the privilege of being in her wedding (also my first time in Kentucky!)

JUDAH WAS BORN!!!! Tyler and Lara now have a beautiful son, and I have a pretty special nephew. 11.11.2015.

Caleb and Haley moved to Colorado. I sure am going to miss them in the city. I'll be visiting you both, Caleb and Haley!

I went home for Christmas.

That brings me to today when we gathered together with our family-away-from family, the Ellenwoods. It's been three years since we spent New Years with them, but it felt so right.


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