Sunday, January 24, 2016

Czech in Chicago

I can hardly even express how much this Saturday meant to me.

I find it common these days that my written words feel insufficient, as if I don't have the strength to write all that goes on day after day, thought by thought. Yet time with people has filled that gap. It's in conversation, in silence, in a gaze and knowing one another that the days have been filled with words, mostly spoken.

But now, I still can't neglect to capture even just a small glimpse of Saturday. For the first time, a Czech friend from Frydlant came to visit me in Chicago. WHAT. Seriously, it blows my mind. When Terka (who also goes by Tess) told me she would be in the suburbs of Chicago, and that she could come visit me downtown for a day, I just about jumped up and down with excitement. This day has been one I have long awaited. Terka, I'm so glad you were able to come...and be my first Frydlant Czech guest!

I picked up Terka at the train station earlier in the morning before I had to go to work (oh well, real life keeps going). We stopped at Intelligentsia for coffee on our way over to Plum Market. This friend. At Intelligentsia. In Chicago. Again, my mind was just hardly comprehending this reality.

After work, we stopped at the Art Institute, walked around Millennium Park and admired the skyline at sunset. Terka's reactions to everything in the city gave me a new perspective on familiar Chicago. She marveled at the "L", which she had remembered from Divergent. She appreciated the buildings, the architecture, every view and new experience. Terka took in all of these differences and has taken the U.S. in stride. Her courage and trust in the Lord through these past three weeks astonish me.

We also talked about culture, friendships, futures and dreams. Oh, my heart! How filled up I was not only by delicious food at Noodles, but all the more by the honest and genuine conversations we had. Czechs are loyal, observant, and thoughtful friends, and how comforting it was to have Terka here. She's pretty incredible.

If you're reading this from Czech or any part of my European world, just know you are welcome in Chicago any time. It is the greatest privilege to host someone and brings me such joy. And Terka - I'm sad you live on the other side of the ocean, but I also know we are both right where we need to be in this season of life. I hope and pray that one day the Lord would bring us many miles closer. 


  1. I LOVED this post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. SUCH a dear post!! Makes me really happy to see you and Terka together in CHICAGO!!!


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