Thursday, January 21, 2016

Connecting Worlds

I'm still soaking in the fact that this is now reality. It's a gift to get to spend an afternoon with my nephew (and Tyler and Lara, of course)!

Judah, your aunt loves you a lot!

I had been planning on coming out to see Tyler and Lara on Monday, and found out on Sunday that they would have another guest too - Lisa and her kids, all the way from Frydlant, my hometown! I didn't think that I would get to see Lisa when she was in the States, so what a fantastic surprise to spend an afternoon with them all at Tyler and Lara's. It made my heart happy to see the two worlds collide and know that I still belong to both.

It's these times that I'm also reminded that the Lord knows our hearts and surprises us because he loves us as his children. It hasn't been an easy transition back to life here (is it ever?), but he hasn't left me to my own efforts. He has brought me again and again to a place of need and desperation for his presence, and then provided not only himself, but others to come alongside in encouragement. We are not alone in the trials we walk through.

Thank you, dear friends and family, for being those people these past weeks.


  1. That was such a wonderful surprise for me, too! I'm so glad that happened!

  2. Oh, great to see you all together in States! I remembered when Tyler and Lisa worked in my cafe.... that was a great time :))) Love Ingrid

  3. It makes me so happy to see all of you together! What a fun day.


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