Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On the Way Home: Vienna

It's been three years since I was last in Vienna, as far as I can remember. What a treat it was to stop by here for a few hours on our way back from Croatia. It's quite the bustling, yet majestic city with wide streets and grand buildings. It was all the more lively just a few days before Christmas when everyone is out visiting the Christmas markets. 

We were all already exhausted from waking up at 4AM and traveling all day from Croatia, but we still soaked up the holiday cheer and welcomed the sizzling bratwurst and the opportunity to stretch our legs after a good long car drive. Our visit to this lovely city was short, but absolutely worth it, since it was on our way home!

Back in the car we went and Dad drove us the rest of the way home. Our sleepy hometown nestled in the Beskydy mountains welcomed us back at 1AM. A clear, crisp night made me sigh with joy as I stepped out of the car onto our driveway. It's always good for the heart to go back to your roots. 

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  1. Definitely worth stopping there! I love Vienna always, but especially at Christmas time.


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