Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Who Would Have Guessed?

What a privilege it is to share life with my siblings these days. I know it is for a season, but I have been soaking up the frequent hello's and get-togethers.

Caleb will be graduating in December and he and Haley will move on to the next chapter after that. I'm all the more treasuring this time with both of them. I'm excited for them, for what's ahead for them. But it comes too with a sense of grieving. It's both sides. That particular change of life seasons has not come yet, though the end of the semester is drawing nearer, bittersweetly.

Right now I'm enjoying days like Monday. Haley and I went out for coffee and grocery shopping on this surprisingly warm November day. I could never have imagined 7 years ago when we first met that we'd be walking the streets of Chicago together - as sisters.


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