Friday, November 13, 2015

To: Judah

This is my brother...and his SON!!!!! 

Tyler and Lara - you both are amazing, and your son is incredible. 

I couldn't be more excited to introduce my nephew - Judah Andrew Patty. Words cannot express how amazing it is to finally meet this little one and to see wholehearted love in the eyes of Tyler and Lara as they hold their first son.

His aunt couldn't be more thrilled either. I will know Judah for the rest of my life. Wow, to let that soak in really is a stunning truth.

Dearest Judah,

One day I'll be celebrating your early steps, drawing alongside you with chalk on the sidewalk, watching you climb a tree, reading the best picture books to you (because you know, the pictures are my favorite part!), and sending you treats no matter what continent you're on. One day you'll hear me saying, "you've grown so much!" or "how did you get so tall?" and even "Judah, your voice is so deep!"

But through all of that, I'll tell you the story of the night you were born and how brave your mama was, how gentle and loving your daddy was, how anxious and excited your grandmas were, and how your aunts and uncles got right in the car when we heard you would be born soon. I'll tell you of the look I saw in your daddy's eyes when he first held you and how much you were adored from the very beginning. I'll show you the pictures we took on Thursday when you weren't even a day old yet. And I will laugh and smile (and probably cry at some point) when I realize you're growing up and becoming even more of who the Lord has created you to be.

Yet right now, I will support your mama and daddy in any way I can, hold you as often as I can, and be your faithful photographer whenever there are opportunities. I'll brag about you because I'm already so proud to be your aunt, and I just can't wait to know you even more. You are precious, Judah.

I am praying the same prayer that your parents pray over you - that you would be a strong and gentle servant of the Lord, one who is not afraid to stand up for the truth, protect his family, and be humbly courageous. You are loved always.

Love, Aunt Claire


  1. Oh Claire, you are great......great Aunt... I have tears in my eyes when I read your beautiful words... Love Ingrid


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