Sunday, November 22, 2015

Senior Recital Photos: Julia

This is Julia, one of my roommates, and she's getting ready for her senior recital, which will be this coming February. As a music major at Moody, she works hard daily to bring glory to the Lord by her diligence and excellence. What a beautiful pianist she is!

Since she's planning towards her recital, we went out to take photos that will then become posters around campus inviting students to come hear. If you're a Moody student, come to her performance - it's going to be incredible!

We caught the last of fall on Friday before the snowstorm came that night. How we both savored the beauty of the University of Chicago campus! Couldn't have been a better place to reflect Julia's spirit.

And one last photo of the roomies! (Next up I'm thinking we need to get a photo with Kimberly, our third roommate too!)

Julia, you are lovely. Thanks for letting me play just a tiny role in the art that you have dedicated so much of your life to as a pianist.

Also, a side note - thanks Josh (Julia's boyfriend) for taking that last photo, and for driving us down there, accompanying us along the way! 

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  1. These are some of your best photos yet!!! Julia is just lovely and your eye for capturing her was exquisite. Well done Claire!!


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