Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Patty Party of 6

I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving with extended Josiah Venture "family". There was always an abundance of food and everyone would contribute their best dishes. It wasn't until college that I actually spent my first Thanksgiving with only my family. Now that I look back at it that way, it seems backwards, but I have loved each step of the way. I am thankful for JV family during my childhood and for the Patty family I have here in Chicago now!

This year was set apart from all other Thanksgivings though. All of us Chicago Patty siblings (and Judah!) gathered together at Caleb and Haley's apartment to celebrate together. We've never cooked an entire spread of holiday food together on our own before, but what a joy to get to do just that. Haley was an incredible hostess - planning the menu and making sure not one aspect of the meal was missing. We even had homemade cranberry sauce, and a gluten-free dairy-free pumpkin pie! She's incredible.

I stayed over at Caleb and Haley's on Wednesday night and spent the morning of Thursday helping Haley in their little apartment kitchen. Honestly, I was surprised at how enjoyable and peaceful the whole day was, even with the added responsibility Caleb and Haley had of hosting the whole meal. Haley and I laughed all morning at how funny it must have looked to prepare the dishes in such little space. And we loved it.

Tyler, Lara and 2-week-old Judah were able to make it as well, which just brought all the more joy. It was special to spend a "normal" day together. It really did surprisingly feel normal. I love my siblings and my nephew!

How thankful I am for these past two and a half years with Tyler, Lara, Caleb and Haley! It was an unexpected gift that I never saw coming during my college years. It has been a joy to live Chicago life together. 

Judah was asleep by the time we got around to taking one last photo, but he's close by! I'm sure we'll have many more photos to come with him too. His aunt will make sure of that! ;) 

I wish I didn't see the bittersweetness of this Thanksgiving as well. I am thankful for these years together, but this is also the last holiday we'll spend together in Chicago before Caleb and Haley move after Caleb graduates in three weeks. I tried not to think about it on Thursday, but the reality is that change is always hard, no matter what good things are on the other side. So I fully soak in the sweetness of this time, and acknowledge that it's good to walk through the sad parts of change too.

What was the most meaningful part of Thanksgiving for you this year? I hope you look back on it with fondness already. 

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