Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Author of Beauty

"Life is something that God always had, and in creation it is something he now shares with us. By his Spirit he breathes out life on us. And not just in the beginning: that is always the Spirit's work, to bring life" (pg. 51, Delighting in the Trinity).

This one little book is captivating me and making me beam with joy as it brings to light the glorious truths of the Trinity, of the gospel. And somehow, when I read these words in the book today, it caught my attention and perfectly exemplified what yesterday was like. Participating in creativity, which was given to us by the Spirit, is so rich because it brings us into the nature of who God is in his character - Father, Son and Spirit. Couple creativity with a wedding (possibly the best representation of the triune God's holy relationship) and you have a day where you just can't help but smile.

"Small wonder then, that creativity, the ability to craft, adorn and make beautiful, is a gift of the Spirit (Ex 31:1-5)... The Spirit makes his creation alive with beauty" (pg. 51, Delighting in the Trinity).

A dear friend of mine from Moody asked if I could come along to help her with photography at a wedding in Wisconsin. We made the trek up (by train and car!) to a gorgeous location on a lake and got to capture the sweetest day. This Filipino wedding (of friends from her church) was beautiful in all ways. I haven't even uploaded all of the photos yet, but I'm so excited to share just a couple of them for now.

May these reflect the glory of God - the giver of life and beauty!


  1. Yes! Oh, so beautiful and rich when we truly get to delight in the Triune God!! One of my very favorite books read at Moody!

  2. Darling Girl,

    These are such beautiful photographs. Your talent is really clear. I love how you captured these people in moments that do not seem manufactured or forced. That leads me to believe that you made them at their ease and able to behave naturally, which is another huge part of being a photographer! Sheldon and I were recently discussing wedding photography and we were discouraged by a display that was visually appealing but lacked the essence of truth that yours hold.

    Lucy Rose


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