Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Stress and Relief

In times where lots of details need to be juggled and tasks are fast-approaching, I tend to slip into a sense of burden, which absolutely displays itself physically as well. These burdens today were not due to any one thing, just the compilation of all the little pressures and come afternoon, I felt uptight and tense all over again. So as midterms are approaching, projects are due, and reading continues steadily, I found myself wanting to use the word I dislike so much, but had to admit: stressed.

Yet amidst this, something the Lord has been teaching me (and convicting me about) is to take everything to Him first of all - with prayer and petition (Philippians 4:6-7 - seems to be a theme verse for Claire's life). So I prayed and asked the Lord to take these burdens from me. This is not a once-and-done prayer, but He did answer even today, though not without my own involvement.

I have started running once or twice a week with my roommate in the mornings, since it's been so nice in Chicago and we both wanted motivation to get outside. Don't get me wrong - running has never been my thing. I am shocked that I have actually enjoyed these short runs on crisp Chicago days before the city awakes. Yet somehow, I have (surprising, huh, Uncle Mike?). But it wasn't until today that I felt the need to run (and then end up walking) to relieve stress.

Because this is not usually an idea or desire of my own, I truly see it as the Lord answering my prayer in an unexpected way. Thank you Father, for this sweet gift of seeing your handiwork, even in Chicago, and being completely refreshed by that on this stressful/normal day.

In other news - the Chicago Marathon is next weekend! Now that's for the real runners!!

And also, in learning about Stress in one of my classes this week (timely, huh?), I think I can classify my own lately as Eustress, not Distress. It is the kind of stress that is pushing me and teaching me, though definitely challenging and sometimes burdensome when I try to handle it on my own! Praise Him for His constant presence and for guiding us as believers each step of the way! 


  1. What a thoughtful, well written, honest post. And yes, that does seem to be your theme verse doesn't it?! Hopefully a visit from mom and dad will be a little de- stressing, as well as some birthday celebrating!! See you soon!!!!

  2. Running can become second nature after a while and the best part is that the brain goes into neutral while running so you can let it all go for a bit! This is the perfect stress relief. Of course you need birthday parties for stress relief too...Happy Birthday Dear Claire!!!

  3. nice post... enjoy time with your parents!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! much Love Ingrid


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