Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Missions Conference: ONE

Words won't describe what a precious day we had at Moody's Missions Conference. From start to finish, it pointed us all to the one who created all things, who sits enthroned in heaven, who knows each one of us by name, who works mightily in the world. 

I was especially encouraged today by getting to talk with representatives from missions organizations. I heard some of their stories, and got insight into some questions I had too about how they care for their families on the field, how they're involved with the local churches and anything else that came to mind. I am absolutely honored to be a Moody student this week and to be part of the body that gets to interact with these faithful servants and be reminded of God's mission in the world. 

Something I'm realizing more and more is that it all comes back to His work, not our own. I could try and do things, but nothing would be accomplished in my own power. Ever. When we seek to serve the Lord, we do so in obedience to Him and in loving relationship with Him. He brings us into His mission, which He began before time. It's not a mission of our own to preach the Gospel, but precisely a desire that the Lord gives us so that we can partake in the sharing of His truth. What a privilege! 

This year's Missions Conference theme is "ONE: 'So That the World May Know'". We are talking about unity among the global church and unity within our school and the believers on and off campus. Yet another good reminder that we do nothing in isolation, but everything in community! Sometimes the thought of missions can be daunting, but then I remember God's people, and God's promises and fears are turned to joy. 

Here's a quote to get you thinking today: "Will fear be the basis for your decision making?" 

This evening, hundreds of Moody students volunteered to go out into the city in teams to pray over public schools. We are asking the Lord to glorify His name in this city and for these schools to be places where truth is proclaimed and kids can learn in a safe place day after day. The Father always is faithful, no matter our shortcomings, and I pray that He brings light to these places we prayed for tonight though believers in the community. 

For days when you feel like what you are doing doesn't count for the Kingdom, or no progress is evident or you don't know what the next step is - remember your faithful Father in heaven who desires for you to walk in obedience and abide in Him, asking no more than that. He will lead in the rest. 


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