Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Marathon from The Window

Sunday morning was marathon day in Chicago. 

It was a good thing I had already been planning on waking up early because as soon as the marathon starts, we can hear whooping and cheering from all sides of our building. Towards the beginning of the race runners go down LaSalle on one side of Moody, and then eventually the loop back and run down Wells too. So we get the privilege of seeing (and hearing!) thousands of people as they run and others who support on the sidelines. It's quite the day in Chicago. 

Although this day is loud and crazy, I did soak in the beauty of the bright autumn sunshine and the lovely yellow daisies my roommates gave me for my birthday. I am loving living in an apartment and having trees right in front of our window. It's the best view for someone who loves seeing God's handiwork in nature. 

I was headed to church in the morning, but I did get to enjoy just a little snippet of the marathon from my window, and then as I walked to the Brown Line to go meet Caleb and Haley. 

If anyone reading here ran the marathon...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Seriously, such an accomplishment for anyone to finish a marathon. I am super impressed.

P.S. If I could have flowers on our coffee table all the time, I would. It is pretty much the best. 


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