Thursday, October 1, 2015

Two Homes, One Morning

I woke up in two different houses on Wednesday morning.

After taking Tyler and Lara's maternity photos on Tuesday (!!!), I stayed the night at their place, which is about half an hour outside the city. Since I had class the next morning at 8AM, I rode with Tyler to work bright and early...or I guess, "dark" and early?

The photos were so fun, but I'll save those for another day!

Tyler works in the city, so riding in with him was easy, but it meant leaving their house at 4:45AM! I didn't mind though, since it turned into a morning chat in the car with Tyler. P.S. I'm impressed at his ability to interact before the sun even rises!

The Intelligentsia Tyler works at is actually about five minutes from Caleb and Haley's apartment. At 5:15AM, he dropped me off at their place, I let myself in with the key Caleb and Haley had given me on Monday, crashed on their couch, and woke up an hour later to enjoy breakfast and coffee with Caleb and Haley. I got to have another brother chat then with Caleb as we drove to Moody to catch our morning classes.

Yes, I woke up first in Tyler's and Lara's home, and then woke up the second time at Caleb and Haley's home! What a special and incredible thing to even be able to do on a regular weekday. I don't take these days for granted with my siblings and cherish our time together in Chicago. Patty siblings - thank you for opening your homes and for being loving even before your day really begins. 

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