Tuesday, September 22, 2015

AWANA: I'm New Here!

Remember when I switched my major to Children's Ministry, and had no idea what I was doing or why the Lord was leading this way? I had had really no experience with kids at that time, and was baffled at why God had laid this clearly on my heart all of a sudden. The Lord is creative and kind and merciful and knows his children way better than we know ourselves. 

It wasn't until the summer after I changed my major that I worked at Gull Lake for the first time. My PCM was at an afterschool program with kids too. These experiences and more helped affirm that my decision to switch majors was right. Slowly, the Lord has given me such a love and passion for the youngest generation, in ways that I could not have mustered up on my own. I can't wait to see how He continues to lead in what He has prepared for the future. 

For the next semester, and hopefully in the spring too, I'll be helping out with an AWANA program, which serves military kids about an hour outside of Chicago. Military kids are TCK's (which I love!), and I can't wait to get to know them more as we learn about the Word and memorize it. 

We had training today for the PCM, so drove up to the chapel and gathered together. What a dear group of people! We have bonded quickly and the full-time staffers that serve with CRU Military are dedicated, welcoming and have made us feel right at home. I look forward to what's ahead in this next year!

My first time at AWANA two weeks ago was a whirlwind, since I had never participated in those programs as a kid. The closest one was too far for us to go to! I have much to learn about the program, but it's great to just jump in too. I've loved it so far.

Some more backstory on Military Ministry...

It's actually a really sweet thing to get to work with military kids this year. My grandparents helped start Cadence, a missions organization which seeks to reach the military communities in the States and internationally with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Grandpa and Nana (Patty) lived in the Philippines for years doing precisely that, and then spent some years in Germany as well. My mom and dad also worked with military youth, starting up what was then called Malachi Youth Ministries, now Cadence Student Ministries. Even today my uncle and aunt and cousins serve stateside with Cadence. In general, my family has a long history of working alongside, serving and supporting military families. What a privilege it is now to get a small window into that as well "in my backyard" of (the greater lands of) Chicago. 


  1. I can hardly believe that you are following in this long legacy of working with military kids! LOVE IT!!!


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