Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Search: Floriole

Michelle and I are in search for "her place" in the city. I have a spot here in Chicago that I love, and it's my safe haven that I go to do homework at and just to breathe. 

Strangely enough, "my place" is right in the heart of the city, where most tourists and business people go, but that's what I love about it. Intelligentsia is a hub of all sorts of people coming in and out, but it's always interesting and I love feeling a part of the city community right there in the middle of everything. I put my earphones in and have my own little world there. 

Today, we began our journey to find Michelle's "place". It rained today, but Floriole charmed us and we enjoyed this getaway. 

Here is our breakdown of the highs and lows of Floriole:

- It's spacious - the high ceilings provided plenty of "air space" and there is upstairs seating available as well with a huge wooden table, which is great for spreading out homework. 
- It's bright - There are windows on almost every side of the coffee shop, which lets plenty of light stream in, even on a rainy day. There are skylights on the ceiling too, so it's perfectly lit. 
- It is one of the best bakeries in Chicago - it's a well-known place! They have a few gluten-free options too, like their chocolate hazelnut cookies, or their buckwheat scones.
- You can get a coffee refill for a $1
- The crowd is classy - and I even got to meet a professor from DePaul today who was super sweet and originally from Colombia.
- They have pitchers of water, so you can just get some whenever you need it (not a given in Europe, which is why I mention it!)
- Lunch options - usually from local and in-season ingredients

- It's pricey - you pay for quality, so it makes sense, but it's not ideal if you want to make this a regular place. 
- It's a bit of a walk - from Moody, we have to take the train (which wasn't running today due to construction, so we had to take a bus) and then walk a bit to get to Floriole. It's great on a nice day, but in the winter it might be a bit more of a trek, and it's not ideal for a quick stop-by. 
- Michelle didn't love the skylights because they seemed out-of-place to her. I liked them though! 

On the way back to my apartment, Michelle so kindly shared her bright umbrella with me. You'll see a little glimpse of my new home in the reflection of the puddle. 

The search for Michelle's place will continue. This car smiled at me before I got home, and I think it was a successful Saturday outing. 


  1. What a fun Saturday adventure! It looks like a very cool place.

    1. Yes! It's funny what you end up doing in the city. It's not hiking or hanging out in a hammock in the trees, but it's unique to this season of life, for sure!

  2. Yeah, what a great outing. I love how you documented it so beautifully. Soooo is this the official Place? Or must you continue searching?

    1. Nope, not the official place! We won't decide until we've seen a handful of options. More places will be featured right here on CC! :)


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