Sunday, August 16, 2015

Stories in Storms

Today was a very strange, unusual, but magnificent day on Hvar. 

It rained. 

Hvar is known for it's sunny weather. It's the sunniest island in Croatia and there are 300 sunny days and 2718 sunny hours total every year. In all our years of camping, we only had one day where it lightly sprinkled, but it soon passed.

However, this day was different. It was one of the "other" 65 days in the year. With thick clouds enveloping the islands across the way, the sky was ominous. White caps dotted the sea and all boats had left the stormy waters. Only one or two brave souls stuck it out on their sailboats (and we did not envy them).

Meanwhile, unlike all other summers, we were tucked away under a roof this year. How thankful we were to huddle beneath an awning with blankets and watch the storm as it rolled in and out throughout the day. Caleb and Haley arrived in Croatia last night after spending their summer interning in Bulgaria, so we heard countless stories today with the wind and the rain as our soundtrack.

I had only ever seen a storm here in the spring, but being here in the summer with a storm was somewhat magical. We soaked it in, as did the trees, which I'm sure were thirsty for that water.

The lighting still continues to light up the skies even into the night. I feel for all those in tents today - we've been through stormy years like that in our earlier days of vacation in another region of Croatia! It's definitely a bit of a thrill to weather the rain when you don't have much shelter. I love the adventure of camping, but for today, I'm very glad to have had a dry haven.

We told so many stories today. Really, it's like I watched five different movies, since every story was vibrant and colorfully told. After not being all together for so long, we needed a day like today to catch up on anything and everything. I would relive today in a heartbeat...rain included. 

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  1. Gorgeous photography. I am in awe of your talent as a photographer. I love the way you captured the atmosphere of the place and told the story at the same time. Thanks for this refreshing post!


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