Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Over the River and Through the Woods


Continue searching.

Enjoy along the way.

Until we found the place we were searching for: these waterfalls. Apparently, there are even bigger ones up the stream, but we didn't know that, and we were perfectly content with what we found. This little corner of Czech continues to surprise me with its beauty. 

 I hadn't seen Magda since last summer. A few weeks after I started school again, she got MARRIED, and it seems like so much has changed in both of our lives in these past two years since we graduated from high-school together. Yet, through all of those changes, there is still a sweetness and richness to the friendship we have and I cherish any time I get to spend with Magda.

This summer, that meant skipping through the forest on a sunny day, in search of some waterfalls that I had always heard about. These waterfalls are just up in the village that's a few minutes from my house, but I had never seen them before. Both Magda and I go to school in cities, so breathing in fresh mountain air, hopping across streams in the woods, and catching up on life in between was so good for our souls.

I say this every time I am home, but connections with people have been so dear. Thank you, friends, for being so generous and welcoming, even though we are far apart when I'm in Chicago.


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