Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Now in Chicago

I could never have imagined way back when we vacationed together with our families in Croatia that I'd get to live a sliver of life in the States with this incredible friend.

We grew up together in Czech, and as life continues to move forward and we find ourselves in college, in jobs, living "adult lives" in the States, I am beyond thankful to still have Hayley not too far away.

Hayley moved up to Wisconsin this May, and she didn't have hardly any access to internet this summer, so getting to see her in person today in Chicago meant the world. Of course we reminisced as old friends do, but I also got to hear about her new job and community and we shared hopes and dreams, as well as all the random things in between. Hayley - what a gift your friendship is to me! Thank you for coming downtown today.


  1. That post makes me smile so so so very much!!!!!

  2. Hooray for Hayley! I am so glad you got to spend time together.


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