Monday, August 31, 2015

Movie Soundtracks to Help You Think

Noise constantly fills the air in Chicago, and so I have had to find ways to escape and focus. With a cheap pair of in-ear headphones from Amazon (they're awesome!) and a student subscription to Spotify, I've been able to find my own little bubble of focus just about anywhere. I actually love it now.

Here are three suggestions for you of movie soundtracks that I listen to these days while I'm studying or doing homework. They are often instrumental, or if there are words, they're in another language so they're not distracting! So here you go - hope this brightens your day!

1. We Bought a Zoo - this soundtrack by Jonsi, an Icelandic artist, is inspiring and ethereal, with bright notes throughout the music.
2. Song of the Sea - this hand-drawn movie is one of the most beautiful ones I've seen, and the music reflects the mysterious and magical world of the movie. It's more on the celtic side, and some of the songs sound a bit more ominous because they are the background to the dark rainy days in the movie, but otherwise the soundtrack is enchanting.
3. The Hundred-Foot Journey - with a bit of Indian flair, this music is uplifting and a reminder of the sweet movie that it accompanies.

Happy focusing!

Meanwhile, I will continue to fight this cold that I'm coming down with (seems like I always get one at the beginning of the semester?), drink lots of lemon and honey, and work through writing a paper on my theology of Children's Ministry. I think some of that focusing music will be of need! That, and prayer. Where would I be without Him? 


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