Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lost in the Hills

We finished dinner and were just noticing the glow outside as the sun began to set. Two minutes later, we were out the door, cameras in hand, off to explore the countryside in the surrounding hills. Mom and I love drives, but especially when we get to go somewhere new or where we haven't been in years, and when the timing is just right. 

Starting off in the direction of a small village, we soon found ourselves making spontaneous decisions to go left or right. 

Claire:"Oh, let's go this way. I think I see I pretty hill over there!"
Mom: "I think I'll turn here. I don't want to have to be behind this truck the whole time."
Claire: "Can we go this way? I can't remember the last time I saw Hukvaldy." 
Mom: "I want to go just a little bit further to get a good view of the sunset."

And so we drove. Twisting roads and tiny towns met us along the way and the sun continued to fade. All along, we were just looking for a pretty view of the hills and the sunset, but we just weren't finding anything that really struck us. Finally, we decided to take a little detour and head to some castle ruins that I have wanted to go to. 

On the way, we glimpsed the sun gleaming ahead of us, and detoured onto a country road that opened up at the top to the most beautiful view of the sun and a town in the valley. We frolicked through the fields, abandoning our castle plans, and fully soaking in the rolling green fields and the soft light of sunset. 

Needless to say, we were both delighted by the adventure. 

We even got to see the Blue Moon rise before heading home with happy hearts.


  1. Amazing pictures!!! I know Mniší, there is lot of beauty...

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  3. Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing. You have a lovely blog. :)


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