Thursday, August 20, 2015

Adventure or Tea First?

"Would you like an adventure now, or would you like your tea first?" - Peter Pan

When I found this quote on Pinterest last year, I thought it was just a cute representation of how I feel about tea. I took my inspiration from the picture, and did a quick sketch of it on a paper bag, which I then hung up above my tea corner in my dorm room.

I thought it might be good to know the context of the quote from Peter Pan, so I found it in the book one day. I should not have been surprised to find out that the meaning of it was quite different from what I had first thought.

Peter Pan, being a clever, slightly rambunctious but brave little kid, said this quote to coax John to go with him down from their perch in Neverland towards a sleeping pirate - Hook. Wendy responded quickly with, "tea first", and she would have held them back from the adventure if it hadn't been for John and Peter. She would have loved to stay comfortable with her routine of tea, which reminded her of home, but John caught on to Peter's invitation.

I sat outside and painted this quote today, remembering the story behind it.

Now I love this quote even more. It's a reminder to set aside the comforts and the fear of unknowns and just go for it. Similarly to Wendy, I tend to like sticking to what I'm familiar with. But in the end, I love adventures so much more.

So how about this? I'll have an adventure, and then have some tea along the way. 


  1. Such a pretty painting painting! I feel like it would make a great card. You could do a whole set of cards. :)

  2. I can imagine you could ilustrate even a book...

  3. good hermeneutics ;) and great illustration!


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