Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Perfect Day

Every once in a while, you have one of those days that stands out among the rest. It's the day when the sun shines and every single moment is good. Today was that kind of a day.

Today's church service happened in a more unlikely spot - nestled between the mountainsides near Sance, a beautiful reservoir that feeds the river that goes through our town. Five young women, all high-school students, were baptized, making a commitment to the Lord before others that they trust and follow Him. What a beautiful testimony of the Lord's redemptive work and unfailing love! 

The baptisms and church service were the highlight, but the day continued to be full of normal, everyday activities. But somehow today, even things like taking a walk or hanging out with my dog were restful and refreshing. 

Mom and I drove up to a hillside after picking up a few groceries, and we sat out on the grass and watched the sunset, just because. I couldn't have picked a better ending to this day. 

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  1. Beautiful collage.... enjoy every moment here in your beloved home... it was sooo nice to see you on Sunday!


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