Saturday, June 20, 2015

Starting Today

Camp starts today!!!

After a week of training, and a week of Ladies' Days conference (with the theme, "It's Good to Be Queen", with Liz Curtis Higgs as the speaker), the first Saturday of families coming in for camp has arrived. We are excited!!

In other camp news, I'm living in the "Annex" again this year, just like last year. I'm actually even in the same room, so it's nice to be in a familiar place. I've also been assigned the Sweet-N'-Counter for my afternoon activity, so if you come to Gull Lake and are looking for a sweet treat, do come by and say hello!

This is where I'll be living for the next month - dorm style housing upstairs!
The schedule here is fast-paced, but it will be refreshing to interact with families later this afternoon. This is what our staff has been preparing and waiting for. Please be praying for this next week, especially for strength and health as we serve. We want to reflect Christ in all that we do - whether that means filling up water glasses, playing crazy games with kids, washing windows, or anything else. 


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