Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Only a Train Away

It wasn't until 10:30PM last night that I decided to make a trip into the city today. I had been trying to connect with a friend who lives downtown, but it just hadn't worked out last week, and when I realized that my Tuesday was free, I texted her and we were able to make an impromptu plan for photos today. I loved her spontaneity and was thrilled for a reason to walk around Millennium park with her and her twins for a morning.

Taking the train into the city was easy, and the morning was sunny and lovely. Traci was actually my first supervisor in Event and Guest Services at Moody, but now she is also a friend, and it was great getting to know her two little ones a bit more today as we took photos.

Being downtown again was strangely comforting. It's familiar now, and quite spectacular when it's warm outside. Add two adorable twins and their incredible mom and a new friend, and it's one happy morning.

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