Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Moments in Between

I'm doing a little happy dance...hypothetically speaking. All I have left this semester is one final for Christianity and Western Culture II, and that'll be it for the semester! Other than that, what awaits me? Packing, some photography opportunities, plenty of work on and off campus and some bittersweet last days with friends who are graduating (and ones I won't see over the summer too).

It's a strange place to be in and I feel the tension of wanting to be done with some aspects of day-to-day school life (for the summer at least), but also not wanting to part with what is good and precious right now. I love Moody, and even though the workload is not easy, I value each experience and class I have here.

Speaking of precious things right now, the botanical gardens in Chicago are stunning. It might not be a natural habitat for these flowers, but there is something special about seeing them all close together in one giant (and very warm) room.

God is working and moving and teaching me and in whatever season I'm in, I want that to be true. Let your will be done, Father. 


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