Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rest, Not Yet

These are full, rich, but exhausting days. I am growing weary - studying for finals, packing, saying goodbyes, thinking ahead. Yet there is such beauty to this time as well - it's hard to decide how to feel, honestly. 

It's in these times that we can keep pressing on. The time will come for rest. That time is coming soon. 

My last exam is tomorrow, and then I still have plenty of work and other responsibilities before letting down. Sigh. By this time next week, everything will feel much calmer. For now, I want to find joy in the activity, in the fluster of it all - for there is beauty in all of these stories that we're currently living in.

Speaking of stories, Sam and I had our last "roommate date", as they're often called here. We split a giant macaron at a shop off of the Armitage stop on the "L". Armitage is Sam's favorite stop because of the cute neighborhood, and we both loved coming back here again before we head our separate ways. Sam graduates on Saturday, so it's bittersweet! I've loved getting to know her this past semester, and will miss her; but I'm also excited for what's ahead and proud of her for finishing so well.


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