Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pastor's Conference and EGS

This view has been one that I've seen multiple times this week.

I'm working at Moody this week for Pastor's Conference, assisting Event and Guest Services, the department I work in throughout the school year too. I've been posted in places like the one in the photo above (Torrey-Gray auditorium) to check ID's and welcome pastors to the sessions. Pastors are so kind, but also hilarious with what Kaitlyn and I have called "pastor's jokes", which are similar to "dad jokes". We love these jokes and enjoy interacting with the pastors just as we greet them and provide information and directions.

It's hard to believe these are all pastors who are impacting their local communities. We are seeing only a tiny sliver of their lives at this conference. Occasionally, a pastor will stand and chat with one of us and we get to hear stories, which are my favorite. Just today I talked with a pastor who lived in Hawaii for 20 years before moving back to Virginia, where he grew up, to shepherd a church there. I'm thankful for all of these servants, and pray they are being encouraged and refreshed at Pastor's Conference this week.

In the few hours during the day that Kaitlyn and I aren't working, we've sometimes just sat down to rest our feet, but other times we've gone out into the city. Yesterday's outing consisted of library book pick-up and frosting shots from Sprinkles. Yes, Sprinkles Cupcakes will give you a little cup of frosting for only $0.75! It's the best. It's even worth the sugar crash you sometimes get as a result of the frosting!

Although this week has been exhausting and full, it's been memorable and good. We've hung signs, filled counting sheets, replaced signs again, ushered, and done random tasks like carrying pillows and blankets from one building to another, but we've also gotten to know the staff here on campus better and Kaitlyn and I have gotten to work together.

Today is our last day of Pastor's Conference, and I hope it's been a good one for everyone!


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