Sunday, May 3, 2015

On To What's Next

I can't express how thankful I am to have walked life with Hayley for so many years now, and to continue to get to live within an hour of each other for these past two years of college.

Today was our last day of living so close together for a while though, since Hayley will be moving up to Wisconsin in a couple of weeks. It's not too far, but it's farther than a Metra train can take me on a weekend.

It has been sweet, unexpected and extremely special getting to just take the train out to the suburbs and spend a weekend with Hayley every few months, and today was another one of those sweet days, filled with laughter, movies (always movies), walks in the neighborhood, and heart-to-heart catching up.

I'll miss living only an hour away or less, Hayley, but I'm also excited for what's ahead for you. And I'm super proud of you for following the Lord and trusting Him in every circumstance.

Obviously, this is not "goodbye", in that long-term sense. It's just a "see you soon"! This is in some ways one of those "moving on to the next chapter" moments, so it's bittersweet, but also right. I can't wait for whatever adventures still are ahead for Claire and Hayley - wherever those may be!


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