Saturday, May 16, 2015

Moving Day

Moving out and packing is inevitably hectic and exhausting, and potentially somewhat humorous too.

The funniest part of the day to me was our trip to Trader Joe's for dinner. With campus being pretty much closed for move-outs, we enjoyed a lovely dinner from the store that's become familiar to me now. We couldn't even find steps to sit on to eat our meal, but snagged a spot/curb by some trees that sufficed. It wasn't quite as convenient as a bench on a cobblestoned European square, but it worked!

This entire day seemed like the epitome of a college student's life. This moment captured it well - sitting on a curb in the city, eating Trader Joe's dinners, with no car and everything we own in suitcases and bins back on campus in a storage area, waiting to be brought somewhere else for the summer. I just had to laugh, because the situation seemed classic, in a sad and also hilarious way. 

Packing up was a bit more confusing because of our lack of a vehicle. Long story short, a super awesome friend in the city saved the day (which was an answer to prayer!) and came to pick me and my friends up to take us (and our stuff) over to Caleb and Haley's apartment - the place my friends are subletting for the summer while Caleb and Haley are in Europe interning with Josiah Venture. 

Oh, what a comfort and joy it was to finally step foot into their apartment after our seemingly endless day. I am staying the night with Michelle, so she doesn't have to stay alone before her other roommates come, but it is also a sweet gift from the Lord to be here. It's settling to be in Caleb and Haley's home - a familiar place. Thank you, Caleb and Haley, for making your home available for subletting and for letting me stay there for a bit too before Gull Lake. Their home is charming and peaceful, a haven in the busyness of Chicago. 

Today, I am thankful for the Lord's provision. I am thankful that He created us for community and that we don't have to do things alone. I'm thankful that He cares for His daughters as a Father and wants us to go to Him with every care and burden. I'm thankful for prayer, for help when we need it, for Trader Joe's salads, and for rest after this hectic day. Although today was crazy, I'm still thankful for it, because it stretched me and showed me more of the Lord. 

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  1. Praise the Lord for people with cars who are willing to help on moving day. I'm so glad I was with you and Kayla that day!


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