Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kale and Cookies

After a very full weekend, I'm back at Caleb and Haley's apartment, staying with some friends who are subletting here for the summer. It's been good to rest and let down for a bit.

Why was this weekend full? Two reasons...

I actually got to second shoot a wedding on Saturday with a friend who is getting into photography. She was asked to shoot a wedding in Wisconsin, and I got to come along too and help out. We had to laugh when we realized that a 17 and 20-year-old were the wedding photographers. Kind of a unique opportunity! We are honored that the bride and groom would invite us to be a part of their day in this way.

Sunday was a day for a wedding as well! I got to tag along with some new friends I've made here in the city who are photographers. I can't believe I got to shadow them for a day and watch them be incredible at their job. Not only are they phenomenal artists and photographers, but their hearts are genuine and kind and I loved connecting with them again.

This week, I'm enjoying the simple pleasures of life - like cheap kale from Stanley's, or gluten-free homemade chocolate chip cookies (Pamela's mixes are handy!). I have loved cooking and eating as many vegetables as I can this past week. The girls I'm staying with love veggies too, so we have had feasts of salads for almost every meal! And then the cookies are just a treat.

P.S. I won't have many photos from this weekend, since I was the second-shooter and passed them along to the other photographers, but maybe they'll show up here at some point! 


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