Thursday, April 30, 2015

Group Projects

Group presentations are always daunting at the beginning. It seems impossible to come together and form concepts and ideas that are cohesive and unified. It's especially hard when you don't know the group members yet, so you don't know each person's strengths.

Yet it's such good practice to do these group projects, especially when the expectations given by our professor was set very clearly with high standards. This pushed us, but allowed us to lean into the presentation and do our best.

It's these kinds of little parts of college that I do want to remember. Group projects and practicing in a classroom tonight while the sun set and made the skyline glow.

Our group ended up getting along really well and we had fun creatively putting together our presentation for Human Development. I think we all learned a lot through the process because of the expectations of excellence. Our professor knows that she can push us and challenge us! It helps us learn.


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