Monday, May 11, 2015

Gearing Up for Finals

This afternoon: cups of coffee, roommates, doodling, public transportation, alleys with puddles and (some) studying for finals.

Kelley and Michelle are roommates, and Sam and I are roommates, but we're also all friends separately too, so we finally had a roommate day at a coffee shop in one of Chicago's neighborhoods today. It poured outside while we were there, but we soaked it in, since we're so happy that spring has arrived to Chicago.

And sometimes these three will go along with my photo requests...

But really, this is usually what things look like when we're all together...

Now we have to buckle down a bit and really get to studying for finals! I only have one this week, but it'll take some time to memorize dates and information. I'm glad to have had this day to gear up for the week and also to connect with these three. Sam is graduating in 5 days, so any time we get with her is valuable!


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