Friday, May 22, 2015

Chicago Water Taxi

This is Brynna - my RA of the past two semesters, my coworker in Event and Guest Services, and my friend. She also just graduated last weekend! But before she left Moody, she had a "Chicago bucket-list". 

We successfully checked off the last item on her bucket list the Monday of finals week - by taking a water taxi on the Chicago river!

This water taxi is not just a tourist attraction. It was actually only a $3 ride from the Magnificent Mile to Ogilvie Transportation center. As a current Chicago "resident", it was so much fun seeing the city from this perspective for the 5 minutes we were on the taxi. It was definitely worth $3!!

I have had the privilege of working with these three this past year in Event and Guest Services, and I loved finishing out the school year with a fun little adventure in the city.

Emily is our supervisor and the person we report to, and ever since she joined the EGS team, she's brought joy and life to the office. All three of us part-timers have been so thankful for her leadership and excellence in her work, but also for her care and investment in us.

Kaitlyn, a friend of mine since the very first semester, joined the team this past year and has been a quick learner, also adding her wit and flair to the office.

And Brynna, dear Brynna, we will miss you in Event and Guest Services and at Moody!!


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