Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tulips and Skyscrapers

Getting off campus this week to do homework was rewarding, and needed. And no, not just because of the lovely cup of coffee from Intelligentsia (which makes me kind of giddy because caffeine still affects me, since I don't drink coffee regularly). It was the sunshine, the tulips, the bustle of spring, and the blossoms on all the trees that brought me joy today, and the knowledge of the Lord through that.

I purposefully got off of the "L" a stop early so that I could walk through Millennium Park, get some fresh air, and enjoy the city's version of spring. I have a lot to do this week, but I just felt like that's how I needed to spend 20 minutes of my day. And the Lord refreshed me with His glory through his creation. Even the contrast of the city and nature just had me in awe.

(iPhone photos)

I didn't think I was stressed about these final two weeks of school or exhausted until I started paying attention to my dreams at night (I wake up and remember my dreams almost every day). Ah, you mean if I'm stressed in my dreams and wake up feeling anxious, then it probably means I actually am?! Novelty to me.

I understand now that I need to take walks in the park, smell flowers, sit down in a coffee shop, talk with friends. All of those things will not take away from my "productivity", but actually help in the learning process in the long and short run.

I also can admit that I feel the pressure of school right now. If stress is appearing in my dreams, it probably means I'm not processing it fully in "real life", and that needs to change.

I've always thought God had a sense of humor. He is our Heavenly Father. He is sovereign and faithful and loving and merciful, but He also knows His children and knows how to reveal Himself to them in a personal way. And what I often find funny is this: He put me in the city. Me?! the city?? Yet He wants to teach me through this.

Today I'm reminded of His character and His loving-kindness. He speaks until we listen, and sometimes that's even through stressful dreams, or city walks with tulips on every corner. I praise Him for these reminders and also will work on trusting Him and not worrying about what tomorrow will bring. He knows.


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