Friday, March 20, 2015

First Day of Spring

It truly was the first day of spring today, not just based off of the calendar.

You see, to me, spring equals snowdrops, those little flowers on the right photo. Or, as we like to call them in Czech, sněženky. As soon as those little doves appear on the ground, I know spring is here. I'd been looking for them for the past couple of days, but only today were we graced with their presence. They mean there is hope. They always have brought hope back after a long winter.

And on this first day of spring I:
1. Walked a mile and a half to a coffee shop and a mile and a half back. Ah, fresh air, and tea, along with paper-writing. I love that it's finally warm (though still crisp) enough to be outside for long walks!
2. Made a babovka (Czech pound cake).
3. Washed dishes. Well, ok, real life still does happen on the first day of spring.
4. Watched this movie: Song of The Sea, which deserves its own entire feature, but I'll have to save that for later. It was one of the most beautiful and enchanting movies I've ever seen. Simply stunning. Tyler, Lara and I all were mesmerized by this hand-drawn movie. 


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