Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Encouraged, for He Is Enthroned

Two of my sweet friends who are graduating this spring have been giddy with excitement over the past couple of days. They both are finding out key factors that will completely change their lives after they graduate.

They are dreaming and God is giving them places to go and serve Him with all of the gifts and dreams He's given them. It is scary. Oh yes, it is terrifying. But they are so at peace, so happy, so thrilled and in love with the Lord more and more. It is incredible seeing God open the way before them into the next stage of their lives. Their jobs are exactly the perfect fit for them and they are passionate about what they will be doing.

I love hearing stories like these. They're encouraging because, well, all of us college students have thoughts of the future constantly whirring around in the back of our minds. We think, "what if" more often than ever - both in good and bad ways. We dream. We fear. We plan. We doubt. We pursue what we love. We get confused about reality. It's the truth.

But as I've watched these two friends process through these unexpected changes, I have been overwhelmed by the presence of God in their stories.

Just today, one of my professors was talking about fear and worry in regards to parenting (in my Human Development class). There are uncertainties at every turn and she told us the temptation it is to worry for kids and go down rabbit-trails to the worst things that could happen. But then she said the biggest advice she gives parents is to take a deep breath; and then remember that God is and still will be on the Throne. He IS in control and always will be and nothing can stop Him. No matter what happens, God. God!

This reminded me of how we perceive the future in general, no matter what life stage we are in. It is so easy to worry and fret over what's to come. Will there be anything for me? Will I be prepared for it? What if I end up somewhere I don't want to be? Yet those questions exclude God from the picture. For God is faithful and He is loving towards those who have faith in Him and come to Him with a humble and repentant heart.

Life can seem muddy and foggy and confusing, and it would be without the Lord. But because of Christ, we no longer live in darkness; we live in the Light. Whatever comes our way, we can say, as the hymn goes, "It is well with my soul."

It is well now. It will be well in whatever's to come in the next two years for me, for God is enthroned. 


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