Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day of Prayer

"Some people have questioned why the Day of Prayer has to be right before Spring Break, with midterms, missions trips, and choir tours coming up soon - when life is so full. That's exactly why we do the Day of Prayer now. Amidst the busyness, it's good to stop and be still before the Lord in prayer."

This is a paraphrase of the words Dean Arens said to us today, before the closing session of Moody's Day of Prayer, an annual part of our Spring semester. The entire student body gathered and prayed together for an hour and a half - confessing, interceding, and lamenting as one body, as well as bringing personal and corporate struggles to the Lord. It always amazes me to realize that we can all talk to God, honestly and earnestly, because we all share this common faith in Christ, our Savior and Lord.

I was struck today by the infinite power and might of God. We are broken, imperfect, sinful, incapable of being holy; yet, by the blood of Christ, we are able to come before the Lord and be seen as righteous in His eyes. I know that I have issues, that I am undeserving of being called His daughter, but I am incredibly thankful that I have been given new life in Him, that I can pray to the Lord and He hears.

I definitely felt a heaviness by the end of our last session this morning. Things happen when God's people pray. That means that there will also be some spiritual tension as the enemy is against what God is doing through and in His people. So would you take a moment and pray for the Moody students, as we finish out this week and then head into Spring Break? Pray that the Lord would protect us physically and spiritually, but also give us strength to continue to be bold and courageous in our prayers and in our lives; that a spirit of discouragement or doubt would not become our reality, and that we would remain steadfast in our faith.

God - Father, Spirit, and Son - is amazing. Today was another reminder of that.

(Here's a photo from last year of the infamous red seats in our auditorium, Torrey Gray.) 


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