Saturday, March 21, 2015

Coffee and Bikes

My eyes started to get heavy around 8:30PM. Way too early for being tired on a Saturday night, right?

Oh yeah, that's right, I've been up since 4:45AM. Ah, the sleepiness is justified!

I returned to the city this morning after riding in with Tyler. He had to be at work at 6AM, so I took the "L" from where he works back to Moody. It was a strange thing to roll my carry-on through the plaza at 6:45AM this morning and be welcomed by the sunrise shortly after.

I spent the morning with Gabes, my dear friend from the Philippines, enjoying a lavender latte and views of bicycles at the Heritage Bicycles shop and cafe. Despite the morning being early, it could not have been a better way to re-enter into life. It's always a bit weird for me returning to the city, but this morning reminded me of what I actually love here.

I had never been to this particular coffee/bike shop, but I was charmed right from the start. It's a bright and cheery place that feels crisp and fresh. On this Saturday, lots of families with kids came in, which made me the happiest (and it made me excited to work with the littlest ones at Gull Lake again this summer!). They have a couple of little tables, and then a long wooden one, which reminds me of a family-style kitchen table. The entire place felt like a little community, a haven in this neighborhood.

So despite it being weird straddling different worlds - college, Oregon, suburbs, Czech, Colorado, or anywhere else... it's so good to find things that make life feel grounded for a few hours. This morning was just like that.

Well, I guess I should get some sleep now. It's been a longer day than normal, but a sweet one nonetheless.

Also, on a completely different note - you may wonder why I drink coffee, if I love tea so much? Why do I even go to coffee shops at all these days? Comfort. There's a culture to coffee, and it's fun to feel included. It makes for great little adventures in the city when there aren't trails to hike or rolling hills and mountains to soak in. It's about the closest thing I've found to a sense of "quaintness" in the city. Plus, I figure if there's any time to enjoy coffee, it's now, since Chicago has some pretty high standards. 


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