Saturday, February 7, 2015

Founder's Week 2015

I truly am so thankful for the team I got to work with this past Founder's Week. What a privilege to work alongside such joy-filled and encouraging people. Also, they are part of how I am starting to figure out why this Founder's Week felt different from last year's.

Yes, it was a particularly good conference this year. I heard that a couple of times throughout the week. Community, fellowship, worship of the Lord and humility characterized the week as a whole -- in all aspects, whether through the speakers, the worship leaders, guests, the Public Safety officers, or anyone else. What a beautiful reminder of the body of Christ this week was, as everyone came together for the purpose of knowing and serving the Lord more.

The biggest difference I felt personally was being more a part of a team this year. I've figured out that if I have a solid group that I'm working alongside (like at Gull Lake, or Event and Guest Services), that if I'm operating out of that "safe" group of people, I have way more energy to give to everything else. So normally when events or big groups of people exhaust me, if I have a core group to work from, I feel completely fine. How good of the Lord to give us His church and His people so that we don't have do things alone all the time.

These are the Event and Guest Services head ushers (including my supervisor, Emily) of the week. Hours and hours of standing, but so much more fun with these ladies!

We always arrived at the church earlier than the other ushers to finish setting up signs and reserved seating. While waiting for things to start, we definitely enjoyed the spare time of getting to sit, and yes, laugh and tell stories as well. 

(This is Brynna, my RA, and Kaitlyn, a dear friend who lives on my floor and came in to Moody at the same time as me -- both my coworkers, which I love!)

I am humbled and encouraged by the Lord after this week. My role is so small, yet I get to be a part of the Lord's work as part of His church. That is the biggest honor.

Also, just a quick little story about the Lord's goodness...

We were wrapping up the last night. Feet sore, heart full, in need of sleep and rest, and arms full of last things brought up from the sanctuary at Moody church, we gathered our things from the usher room. I dreaded Saturday morning because I knew that work wasn't done. I work at Plum Market on Saturdays usually, but at this point, after working all week and on my feet, the last thing I wanted to do was stand for another four hours enthusiastically handing out vegan cheese. I love that job, with all the different foods I get to learn about, but I was just not feeling it this week after everything.

I checked my phone to see what time it was and saw a message from my boss who heads up my work at Plum. She said the demo/sampling had been cancelled because the product I was to sample didn't arrive to the store in time.

What a gift from the Father!

At that point, God timed the news perfectly. He waited until we were all done, and it was like he was saying, "I see you, and I know you. I know you need rest. Here's a gift. Take tomorrow off." Sometimes, I just see the Lord's gifts and understand so much more who He is as our Father! In the words of my sweet friend Gabes, "Indeed, He is so, so, so, so, so, so good. Words fail."

Till next year, Founder's Week!


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