Monday, February 23, 2015

Food, Together

I spent a lovely Saturday evening at Tyler and Lara's, but Hayley, my buddy, got to come this time too! Lots of cooking and baking ensued, along with catching up and then a movie. I didn't actually get any photos of anyone, but I'll just let the food speak for itself (is that a thing?). No matter what cuisine it comes from, it's always fun. 

First up: Babovka: vanilla, with a chocolate center (it's gluten-free naturally!). To make the chocolate part, just add cocoa powder to part of the batter and add an extra tablespoon of oil. Honestly, I just dumped a little bit of dutch-processed cocoa in, so I didn't have any measurements. 

Dinner: a version of Lo Mein, which was delicious. I'm not sure which recipe we ended up using, but it was from Pinterest and the dish concept itself was delicious. We couldn't use the right type of noodles (typically wheat), but we used wide rice noodles instead. Close enough!

Sunday morning brought a chill, but bright sunshine. Breakfast was just as wonderful as all of the other things we'd had.

Scrambled eggs, avocado, and a bit of sharp cheese (which I can typically eat).

Food is important to fellowship. I love that Tyler and Lara know that intuitively and bring that to their hospitality. Hayley and I loved cooking with them, and just being family together. Yes, Hayley, you're pretty much family too!


  1. I love that you all love spending time together! :)

  2. Hi Claire, please could you tell me what kind of flour is in your bábovka. I bake bábovka so often and would like to try gluten free version... I like to use rice and buckwheat flour. Normaly I bake from spelt or half spelt and half buckwheat... I know corn flour is maybe best , but corn is not ok for my stomache...Looks so great, same as noodles!!!

    1. In the recipe that I linked to in the post, the flour that I used was potato starch! It's actually a recipe I received from a Czech friend, and it's naturally gluten-free. So if your stomach is ok with it, "bramborovy skrob" is great as the base for the babovka! You can click on the link above to the recipe I love. :) Your babovka you made the other day was beautiful too, by the way! :)


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