Thursday, February 12, 2015

Flavor Memories

I admit it...packages are one of my favorite things. After all, didn't Julie Andrews (ahem...Maria) sing, "brown paper packages tied up with string," in her "My Favorite Things Song" from the Sound of Music? There's a reason why brown, white, or any other colored packages are such a happy thing. They come from people we love, and they bring things from afar!

Even though Mom and Dad will be here soon, Mom sent me this package so that it got here this week. She knows I love packages, and it's been a demanding week with school and everything else. I had requested a couple of things from Czech and she went above and beyond, including some wonderful chocolate bars, my favorite gluten-free Czech cookies, and even added a few lollipops from the pharmacy, which she knows I feel sentimental about.

There's a memory associated with a lot of the tastes in this box. Those chocolate covered rice cakes make me think of English Camps - they were my go-to pick-me-up on long, but wonderful days of being with people almost 24/7. There was also a vitamin lollipop in there from the pharmacy - something I used to get while picking up medicine after going to the doctor's. The taste is actually sentimental, even though I only usually got it when I was also getting medicine! Gluten-free biscuits remind me of this summer, and chocolate is good for all times.

Thank you, Mom! And thank you Grandma and Bapa too for the Valentine's Day Card! I wish I could sit and eat chocolate with all of you...over a cup of, of course!

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  1. Awwww! That was a nice post! Writing this comment from the Denver airport after we just saw Grandpa and Nana! See YOU soon!!!


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