Sunday, February 8, 2015


I wish I knew more at times. Specifically, I wish I could just take all of this information from my Human Development textbook and digest it so I could apply everything from it to real life. Human Development fascinates me, and yet the information is overwhelming and the data and study of it is ever...well...developing.

I sat in church this morning next to Tyler and Lara (and Deryn, a good friend of ours). Towards the end of the service the kids came back from their Sunday schools and two little girls were just full of energy at the front of the church. I smiled over at Lara and we couldn't contain a few giggles while watching one girl climbing all over chairs. She was independent and tiny and curious about the world. And in that moment I wanted to understand what was going through her 3-year-old mind. Like I said, Human Development is fascinating.

Yet somehow, even though I find all of this interesting, I can't seem to remember everything to put it into practice. Will there come a point when I will? I guess that depends on how much time I dedicate to it. That knowledge won't come without learning, and learning won't come without commitment and hard work. I suppose that's why I'm here at Moody - to learn and hopefully to internalize the truths I'm taught here. That's my goal.

I'll just keep marveling at the complexity and beauty of what God has created. I'll never fully understand, nor can I, but I can praise Him.


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