Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

Even when I was little, you invested in things that I was invested in. You loved what I loved, alongside, and with me. Like that time you, Mom, drew ballerinas for me, even though you don't like drawing (I kept that drawing in my room for a long time). Or on that same note, when you both took me to an Art Museum for my 16th Vienna. But besides those hobbies and interests, you loved the people I lived life with, which is what means the most.

You didn't have to. You had plenty of other relationships to keep up and commitments to hold to, as well as hundreds of tasks to think about on top of that. And yet, when I asked if a friend could come over, you weren't aloof. You engaged with all of our friends in a way that made them feel welcomed and cared for.

You have modeled the Father's love, as He blesses people by and through His Son. I know that I, as your daughter, can count on your love for my friends and those I see day-to-day.

I don't take this for granted. I know that you probably had days when you wished the house was quiet instead of filled with giggles and messy tables. But I always knew that your love for me invited others into the picture too. The circles of friends I've had have changed much over the years, but you always remembered names and faces, showing kindness and sharing some of your "Mom/Dad love" with others.

And even when I'm in college, you still choose to invest in the lives of those that I live life with. I know you are naturally passionate about young people and even college students, but thank you for taking the time to spend an evening with my floor and my brother floor just this past Monday, talking with all of us (even though you were only in Chicago for 3 days!). I don't know how you have the capacity to care for so many people, but God has given you both a gift of influencing others, and I am always grateful that you share that gift with my friends as well. I want my brothers and sisters to experience the wisdom and hear stories from the two people I love and respect so much.

You have modeled what it looks like to follow God and have stepped into the good works that He prepared for you in advance - over and over again. I never get tired of hearing the same stories of how God brought you to Germany, then to Czech, how Josiah Venture started, and how He has worked in Central and Eastern Europe throughout these 20 years of JV. Even the hard parts of the stories are beautiful, because of how God redeemed them. When I hear the stories, I'm reminded of how messy it all probably seemed to you both in the moment, but see the amazing mural of life in ministry God has created it to be. And He continues to add more to the picture, which I love.

I guess God's stories never get old or boring, huh? Thank you for sharing them countless times, because they have left a mark of the Lord on my heart, and on the hearts of many others as well, including my friends at Moody too now.

I think the world of you both.


Your Daughter. 

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  1. Thank you so much for this Claire! It meant a lot to dad and me. And we have always loved meeting, hanging out with and talking with your friends!! That evening was just another extension of that. I'm so glad you WANTED us to be there! :)


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