Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blizzard Status

Blizzard status was announced in Chicago today.

And it's spectacular, though also a little crazy.

We weren't able to make it out to church today because of the heavy snow. The roads are slowly being cleared, but the snow just keeps coming down so fast that the roads are constantly being blanketed with afresh.

So after a very quiet morning, which felt weird on a Sunday, I braved the outdoors and made my way to Caleb and Haley's by public transportation. I'm impressed by how Chicago handles all sorts of weather conditions! Even the buses were still going, though it was nice to switch to the train when I transferred to the Blue Line for the last leg of the 40 minute trip.

It was actually quite lovely walking down the streets of a Chicago neighborhood. The snow was in my eyes half the time, but when I was able to see, it was quite the sight. These pictures definitely don't do it justice. We even have more snow this evening than earlier today, and it just keeps on coming!

Winter is upon us!

So what does this cold weather call for? A Czech poundcake, or "babovka"! Ah, it was delicious. I actually made this one from a gluten-free mix that I brought back from Czech. One of these days I'll make my favorite from-scratch recipe for babovka and share that with you! Until then, I'll just enjoy more pieces of this one. Maybe with a cup of tea?

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  1. Fun pictures!! And that babovka!! Good job! We are at the airport all checked in. Looks like Chicago cleared snow on the runways! Talk to you soon!


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