Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Traditions

With people gone (college, etc.), and new stages of life, we needed a change to our New Years tradition; or some way to transition or it just wouldn't be the same. And so we picked up Caleb and Haley in Slovakia (where they had been for Christmas, with Haley's family) and drove down to our most beloved Hvar. 

Although Hvar is usually quite spectacular in its sunny and warm summers, it is equally refreshing even in the winter. The evergreen trees are still full of color, and the ocean always stays as blue. We are staying in a small apartment in a village of 150 people. Despite the lack of a living room, or windows with views, or even warmth, we are happy. 

Here's a little glimpse into an afternoon the other day.

On the menu for lunch: make-shift lettuce wraps (scrambled eggs, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers and a little pancetta). 

And outside? The "Bura" (a strong wind) kicked up this week, and completely changed the weather. It's still sunny, but oh boy! It's cold! The people in the village say that it hasn't been this cold in 22 years. Heh. We just happen to be here at this time! We expected a little warmer weather, but this has been an adventure, and it has bonded us as we huddle inside the apartment by the one heating unit together, wrapped up in blankets. 

For entertainment when it's dark and chilly? Personality tests and random quizzes found on the Internet. It's the little things!

Can you see the open oven here? These apartments are set up for warm weather, since most of the time it is warm on Hvar. For that reason, the one heating unit wasn't enough. Oven to the rescue! Just turn it on and open it up and you have another heat source (though it might not be economically the best solution, it works)!

We love this new version of New Years. It's perfect.

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  1. Already that looks enchanting! :) HA HA! Hard to remember how freezing cold it was!!


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