Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Moments Like These

If you asked me right now what one of my favorite little moments of these past three weeks at home was, I would say this:

Other than the big things, like seeing friends and family, being back in our church here, and getting to be in Slovenia and Croatia, there were so many smaller moments that I treasured.

I moved our rocking chair into a tiny corner between the piano and the Christmas tree, and tucked myself into that spot with a teapot and the Word. It was perfectly restful and peaceful.

I admit, it is a typical "introvert" moment. Well, I fully soaked it in! And then later on I joined the family, and probably spent time with dear friends as well. But it was this beginning to my day, in the quiet morning hours, that I wanted to encapsulate.

As I sit in the living room, I see a deer bounding across the field nearby. Snow covers the ground and the trees. I turn around to look out the other window and see cloud-capped Lysa hora, the tallest mountain in the Beskydy range, which stands tall so close to where we live. Yesterday Caleb hiked that mountain (!!) with a friend and he said the view was pristine. Today it's a bit cloudier, but beautiful all the same.

It's moments like these that do count. 


  1. Love the pattern on the tea pot. I haven't seen that one before. Beautiful!

  2. You captured home so beautifully! You'll love looking back on this when you're back in the city! :) Missing you already.


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