Sunday, January 18, 2015

How I Learn: Art

I've realized now that I don't usually learn best just by trying something new by myself. I have tried various methods of figuring things skills out on my own (books, trial and error, etc.), and most of the time, that just doesn't turn out. I have also realized that I do learn best by watching, mimicking and then practicing a skill. 

I love art. I think it's stunning, expressive, and captures feelings and memories that are often hard to capture otherwise. However, I get nervous to try new things in art. Thankfully, I have a brother who somehow is able to master any type of artistic medium he sets his mind to! Tyler decides he wants to learn, and then learns. What's great is that I can then learn from him!

We made some tea, and set to painting.

Tyler has been working on a project of small botanical paintings for their kitchen, so I sat down next to him, and found my own botanical picture to paint. He guided me through the process as he painted, and I followed right after him. I get nervous with these kinds of things though! I don't like putting a lot of time into art and then not liking the results. Hehe. I know that failure is sometimes necessary in learning, but I definitely hoped that this first botanical watercolor painting would work out.

Thankfully, with some helpful words of advice on choosing colors and adding contrast, I was happy with my little painting! In hindsight, despite the moments where I wasn't sure if it would turn out, it was really fun.

Tyler's second painting in his series, this time of olives, looks beautiful!

The two paintings on the left are Tyler's, and I can't wait to see the next couple that he does to complete his project! I am always impressed by both of my brothers' talents in art. They have good eyes for colors and shading, and seem to be able to pick up a new skill and roll with it. I'm sure glad they do, because I love learning from both of them!

Tyler, thank you for teaching me how to use watercolors...and for teaching me in the way that I learn best! Observing and mimicking is where I love starting. Hopefully now I'll be able to practice again sometime... maybe another time when I come over?? 

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  1. Amazing!!! I have absolutely no
    concept of how you did this but I sooo admire you two and your artistic abilities!


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