Sunday, January 11, 2015


Leaving home for Chicago for the third time now was yet again a new experience. This was my first time home for Christmas since I've been at Moody. It's amazing to me that even after being gone for just a year and a half, so much has changed and yet home is still home. That's comforting, in its own way. I know that though my life is here in Chicago right now, Czech is still familiar and known.

Getting to be home was so good. And I was really there just a couple of days ago! Now I sit in my dorm room at Moody in Chicago!

Although I had to say bye-for-now to Mom (I'll see you in February on this side of the ocean, Mom!), I joined Caleb and Haley on the return to Chicago. My siblings are all on this side these days.

I did have to give last hugs to Kaylee though... until the summer. Why yes, I do love my dog. What can I say?

It's a strange thing - living with the reality of two places being so important in my life right now. One is home. One is school. They're not the same in any way, but they both impact everything. Again, yes, I'm sentimental as I work through conflicting feelings about being on this side of the ocean again. But God brought me back to Moody, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

There is tension, and there will continue to be, between the two worlds. I'm learning to be ok with that.

It's an adventure. I'm glad that it goes step by step, and that the Lord goes before me. 

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