Friday, January 16, 2015

City Stroll

Many a day I long to be in crisp fresh air, maybe in the mountains, or by the sea, or surrounded by trees. But I have other days too - ones where I actually soak in the city, notice the many faces I see on the streets, enjoy watching the light play with the glass windows on tall buildings.

On this day, when the temperature was finally above freezing, I meandered through the well-known streets to Trader Joe's. Then I made a quick stop for free tea. Because Adagio Teas are cool like that. If you "check in" on Yelp, you can sometimes get a free tea. That was awesome. After a warm tea, I made my last stop to Jewel, just around the corner, to pick up a few things for lentil soup.

It's amazing to me how close-by everything is in this city. I can walk 10 minutes and get to Trader Joe's, then two minutes and there's Jewel. Meanwhile, hundreds of people pass by me, and each building I walk by is unique, in its own modern way. I even got to see a few dogs today, which was also wonderful.

On a sunny day in Chicago, where I didn't have any time constraints, a walk in the city isn't so bad. It was quite enjoyable, in fact. Different than mountains and trees? Yes. But still, I didn't mind it today. Chicago, I guess you're pretty special, when it comes to cities. 

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  1. I love that you took all of those pictures! They capture the city so well. You'll be glad to look at them and remember what it was like years from now! :)


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