Friday, January 9, 2015


It's tradition to have a dad-daughter date whenever I'm home or we're at least in the same country. 

This Christmas break's "3D" (heh... I just thought of that) was very different from last year's! From Red Rocks in Colorado to the steel factory in Ostrava, this world feels big! I'm glad I get to explore it with my dad. 

It was freeeeeezzing on Thursday when we drove into the city to visit the steel factory. Originally we were going to take a tour of it, but when we found out that the entire tour is outside, we took a rain-check and walked around outside just for a little bit.

This factory is now a historical site in Ostrava. It used to be a huge part of the economy of the city, but it has been closed for years now. Steel production is still common in Ostrava, but in other locations now. The factory was abandoned for a while, but is now being restored as a cultural landmark. I'm glad, because it's kind of awesome!

Since we didn't take the tour, we crossed the street to the new science museum. We haven't had anything like this anywhere near us. This is quite the addition to the third largest city in Czech! We wandered through the exhibits and enjoyed the high-tech interactive displays. What fun to have this in Ostrava now! I'm sure schools will benefit from such a creative learning environment.

Thanks for braving the cold, enjoying the museum and treating me to coffee, Dad! Love you!

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  1. Your pictures are SOOO cool and well edited! I need to go see that for myself someday! Glad you and dad had your time together! :)


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